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Garware Suncontrol is known for its quality products and production efficiency. Our safety and security films are made from a sublime mix of polyester. In accordance with the daily utility of the product, the safety and security films are optically clear, transparent and can resist high impact.

Considering the composition of our esteemed clientele, our films are easy to install and they prevent the glass from splintering on impact. Their quality material gives additional strength and reduces glare, thus giving optimal user experience. These safety and security films have been engineered to be utilized at high-security zones like Hotels, Embassies, Airports, Banks, etc. Their commercial use has also produced amiable results when installed at malls, hotels, and hospitals.

Safety and security is their primary installation motive, these films also come with combinations like heat and UV control, considering the potential locations of the application sites.

Benefits of Safety & Security Films

• Blast Mitigation
In the current changing world scenario, commercial spaces and sensitive government sites proactively try to protect their customers and visitors, respectively. Preventing personal impact has been one of our top priorities while engineering a film, which will give the best protection from terrorizing impacts from blasts.Garware Suncontrol’s Safety and security films hold the glass in high impact situations like blasts for a longer time span, thus mitigating direct risk to the in housed people.

• Theft Protection
Increasing mistrust and incidents of theft have prompted many to use durable protection. Minimizing risk and reducing the loss of valuable private and public priority are top priorities. Our safety films canvas your family and/or office space from potential theft. A feeling of safety and security enhances family life and makes offices and employees more productive, as they are in a safety conductive environment.

• Safe from glass injury
With rapid changes in the environment and effects of climate change, natural disasters are more prone to happen in the coming few decades. Our research of the last few years, and proven vital in enhancing the resistance of films manufactured in our stores. Further product-tests have gone to establish that the safety and security films that we produce can contain the impact of glass to an optimum level, thus reducing the threat of users getting injured from the glass.

• UV protection
As safety and security film manufacturers, UV protection is also something we consider seriously in our research and development activities. This has translated into our films, which provide maximum heat reduction coupled with the best technology, which gives proper shielding from UV rays. Color stability reduces chances of problems arising due to glaring. Daytime privacy and enhanced nighttime vision are characteristics of our UV Safety and Security films. These films have the highest return of investment as they can be applied in a variety of sites and locations.

• Ignition safety
Our safety and security films are used in high-security sites like government buildings, embassies, consulates, airports, etc. as well as in commercially sensitive spaces like malls, hotels, hospitals, etc. While engineering these films, we have taken into consideration that these films, when applied may come in contact with flammables. Garware Suncontrol’s safety and security films are ignition proof, which characteristic has been tested through tests of international standard.

• Energy efficient 
It is a known fact that windows are a major contributor to heat loss that happens in buildings. Loss of heat translates into the loss of energy at a large scale, especially in case of buildings and sites which have a huge exterior glass surface or a complete glass canvassing the building. In such sites, energy efficient window films prevent heat loss, thus reducing the energy required to keep the temperature inside the building to optimum levels. Naturally, this helps to radically cut down on the energy costs that the companies or institutions have to incur.

Type Of Films

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