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Privacy Films

Privacy is crucial pre-requisite for residential spaces. Opposed to popular belief glass is not confined to as a transparent product anymore. With modern manufacturing techniques glass has become a material that can offer privacy at residential spaces effectively.

When thinking about attaining privacy in their homes, the most common solution people think is to apply curtains or blinds. Even though window curtains and blinds serve the purpose of providing privacy, the biggest disadvantage that they hold is that they decrease the amount of light entering the room, which disrupts the atmosphere that most people strive to achieve.

In order to preserve the ambiance, one doesn’t have to give up their privacy. By applying privacy glass film, your objective of having an illuminated space with the needed concealment can be achieved. Privacy film gives you the freedom to preserve your privacy without hindering your outside view or curbing sunlight entering your space.

Privacy glass film is adjustable in nature as they can be applied to almost any glass window, regardless of dimensions or curvature that gives you the much needed privacy for your office space or any room at your residence. One of the best applications of privacy window film is in bedroom windows that will help you curtail prying eyes without sacrificing on the first rays of sunlight that you love waking up to!

When thinking of application and cost, privacy window film offers a distinct benefit over its traditional counterparts of blinds and curtains, they are available at lower rates resulting in more and more home and office owners turning to privacy glass, as they offer the same level of privacy at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, privacy window film can also help you protect from glass shards in any unfortunate event of a window shattering during accidents, where they hold the glass fragments together even when it is shattered.

Privacy Glass is the best combination providing light as well as privacy. When ‘off’ privacy glass is completely guarded, with a haze of over 90%, yet it maintains high levels of light transmission through the glass.

The laminated switchable glass panel can be easily integrated into an insulated glass construction to use as thermally efficient external glazing with curved, shaped and colored glass designs easily possible.

The application of privacy glass into your home or office can definitely enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings. It will also be integrated as a functional and interactive part of your design.

Privacy window and glass reflective film mitigate common challenges like retaining heat, removing glare, eradicating harmful solar UV rays and adding an additional level of security and safety to your property.

The biggest advantage of installing privacy glass is that you can enjoy clear views, without being seen from the outside. As mentioned, applying privacy window films can enhance the beauty and wow factor of your property and thereby increasing its value!

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