Garware Suncontrol-Non reflective glass film |Anti reflection coating


Non Reflective Films are normal tinted films which primarily cuts the heat. Super shrink & Anti-static qualities help in easy installation.
Garware manufactures a variety of films for architectural applications. The nature of application varies from Suncontrol, Safety & Security to Privacy and Aesthetics films. Garware claims to have an ideal film for any glass trait. USP of these films is that they tend to give custom look to any glass surface.

Suncontrol Film while economical than its conventional counterpart are available in different shades and in a range of light transmission. These benefits make Garware Energy Saving Suncontrol Window Films an ideal option to enhance safety and aesthetics in Residential & Commercial projects. It has a range of films catering to different requirements and segments which are widely used for the Residential purpose, Corporate Offices, Banks, ATM Centres, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Showrooms, IT & BPO Companies, Food Industry, Pharma Industry etc.


  • Window Glazing
  • Glass Curtain Glazing


    • Bank
    • Hospitals
    • Malls
    • Hotels
    • Corporate Offices
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Airports
    • Goverment Buildings
    • Educational Institutions

Type Of Films


Garware suncontrol window films can be applied on the glasses of any automobile. The prime benefit of Garware Suncontrol auto films is to reduce the heat generated by the rays of the sun falling on the automobile

The special feature of auto films is that they reduce heat and cut glare without making any compromise on the driving conditions. They provide additional safety and enhance the privacy of the inhabitants in the car. Various types and colours of the film, boost the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Special high performance films developed for the front wind screen of the automobiles have been a milestone in the Suncontrol industry.

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