Inter-4 Mil Antigraffity Film - Garware Brazil


Product Name :-    4 MIL ANTIGRAFFITY FILM

Product Description :-

This film is made with a special mounting adhesive, which makes it easy to remove and replace with a fresh layer of protective film. It is a optically clear, distortion-free film and can be applied to windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. This film is nearly invisible once installed, provide a removable surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement.


Sr.No. Properties Sr.No. Properties
1 Thickness 4 mil 7 Ultra Violet Transmittance <1%
2 Visible Light Transmittance 90% 8 Glare Reduction 1%
3 Visible Light Reflectance 9% 9 Shading Coefficient 0.98
4 Solar Energy Transmittance 83% 10 Emissivity 0.89
5 Solar Energy Reflectance 6% 11 U Factor (BTU /HR./SQ.FT.) 1.12
6 Solar Energy Absorbance 11% 12 Total Solar Energy Rejection 13%

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