ICEBLIND - Garware Brazil


Product Name :-    ICE BLIND

Product Description :-

Decorative Films offer wide scope for creating different environments and desired ambience for home and office interiors. They are available in multiple colors and unique designs. They are suitable for a variety of applications viz: Doors,Panels,Partitions etc.


Sr.No. Properties Sr.No. Properties
1 Thickness 1mil 7 Ultra Violet Transmittance <1%
2 Visible Light Transmittance 8 Glare Reduction
3 Visible Light Reflectance 9 Shading Coefficient
4 Solar Energy Transmittance 10 Emissivity
5 Solar Energy Reflectance 11 U Factor (BTU /HR./SQ.FT.)
6 Solar Energy Absorbance 12 Total Solar Energy Rejection

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