ICE COOL GREY 50 - Garware Brazil


Product Name :-    ICE COOL GREY 50

Product Description :-

Garware suncontrol film division has developed the new “IR Film” for automobile application.”IR Film” is a high performance automotive film which offers consumers the high end performance properties without usage of metalized film in product design.
The NIR Blocking organometallic nano particles incorporated within interlayer’s of laminate construction in combination with conventional dyed films in the product design provides long lasting heat protection to your vehicle.


Sr.No. Properties Sr.No. Properties
1 Thickness 2 mil 7 Ultra Violet Transmittance <1%
2 Visible Light Transmittance 53% 8 Glare Reduction 42%
3 Visible Light Reflectance 7% 9 Shading Coefficient 0.55
4 Solar Energy Transmittance 29% 10 Emissivity 0.53
5 Solar Energy Reflectance 6% 11 Total Solar Energy Rejection  53%
6 Solar Energy Absorbance 65% 12

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